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Cash & Carry Warehouse

Products from Weaver Furniture Barn of Nappanee

Cash & Carry Warehouse

Unbelievable Bargains!

We have tons of discontinued Amish furniture to choose from. Select from full dining room suites, bedroom suites, or living room ensembles at a lower cost to you.

Inventory is always changing!

No matter what you select, careful design and quality construction make every purchase at Weaver's Furniture Barn a good value and a sound investment.

Get What You Want Now!

The term "Cash and Carry" means that customers make their own selection, pay in cash, and take the merchandise with them. The advantages are better prices and the immediate availability of the merchandise.

Living Room Furniture

Leather Living Room Set
Cash-N-Carry S-1
Cash-N-Carry S-2
Living Room Set
Cash-N-Carry S-3
Cash-N-Carry S-4
TV Cabinet
Cash-N-Carry E-1
Entertainment center
Cash-N-Carry E-2

Bedroom Furniture

Amish Bedroon Set 2
Cash-N-Carry B-1
Amish Bedroom Set
Cash-N-Carry B-1a
Amish Bedroom Set 3
Cash-N-Carry B-2
Amish Bedroom Set 4
Cash-N-Carry B-3
Amish Bedroom Set 5
Cash-N-Carry B-4
Amish Bedroom Set 6
Cash-N-Carry B-5
Amish Bedroom Set 7
Cash-N-Carry B-6
Amish Dresser
Cash-N-Carry B-6a
Amish Bedroom Set 8
Cash-N-Carry B-7
Amish Bedroom Set 9
Cash-N-Carry B-8
Amish Dresser 2
Cash-N-Carry B-9
Amish Dreser 3
Cash-N-Carry B-9a
Amish Bedroom Set 10
Cash-N-Carry B-10
Amish Bedroom Set 10
Cash-N-Carry B-11
Amish Bedroom Set 12
Cash-N-Carry B-11a
Amish Bedroom Set 12
Cash-N-Carry B-11b
Amish Bedroom Set 13
Cash-N-Carry B-12
Amish Bedroom Set
Cash-N-Carry B-13
Amish Bedroom Set
Cash-N-Carry B-14
Cash-N-Carry Mattress
Cash-N-Carry Mattress
Cash-N-Carry Mattress

Dining Room & Kitchen Furniture

Cash-N-Carry DR-1

Cash-N-Carry DR-2

Cash-N-Carry DR-3

Cash-N-Carry DR-4

Cash-N-Carry DR-5

Cash-N-Carry DR-6

Cash-N-Carry DR-7

Cash-N-Carry DR-8

Cash-N-Carry DR-9

Cash-N-Carry DR-10

Cash-N-Carry DR-11

Cash-N-Carry DR-11a

Office Furniture

Cash-N-Carry O-1

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